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We are a company without any intermediaries and without additional costs,you are planning your own tour,Of each day separately,We come to the exact address that you specify and we start tour.We listen to your requests or questions online and organize your wishes.Geoplans company is the only one which is directly oriented to your comfort, desires and economy.If you can not speak Georgian or are not informed about Georgia,Or you don't know how to travel in our country,you just take a vacation and tickets to Georgia,everything else we will do.Sit comfortably with a computer at a hotel or at home and start: Your wishes will come true with us. ps : we are for you.

This requires the simple action: View street map or adress from where you go and click mouse,following the same principle of, click on the map where you will go.Fill in all the required fields: 1) number of passengers.2) If you have luggage. What time you want to start and click calculate button.

1) Looking at the map of the selected sights 2) For more information, go to the info button 3) if you want to choose from information page one of the sights,then click the green button to book,selected of sightseeing will be placed in the basket.Then again to continue the search for the main map other sights.4)After selecting the red button, go to the next page and fill in all the required fields,During the selection of sights, you can use the map in the search system.

If you are not in Georgia,Airport transfers will give you the easiest way to arrive at the desired address 1) Select the airport where you are going 2) choose a city where you want to go. 3) Then simply fill in the information fields

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